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Where We Came From

  We are so very glad you have stopped by to take a look at Club555. This was a vision that started about 2 years ago. After researching the type of sites there were already established our development team decided to integrate new and exciting features that we were not seeing on the other sites....just little "features" to enhance our subscriber's online experience. Out of that very simple idea we have arrived with this site that is packed with features that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else. We are very proud of our progress and we will be adding more exciting features as our site grows. We welcome any feedback, whether it be positive or critical...because we want to be the "best darned service out there". Please let us invite you to be part of that on-going evolution.

When we first started designing and fine tuning our business model we looked closely at other dating sites and decided to offer similar services (eg. voice/video recording on your profile, text chat, email-messaging, our 'send-a-rose' function, our 'hot-chili list' showing who has put you on their favorites list, various partner promotions and deals, etc.)

We also offer special services you won't find on the other services. We have voice chat (true group multi-speaker teleconference AND one-on-one) PLUS video chat (only available to our Gold level membership). Try getting that from those other sites-especially as just a basic registered member!

At best they allow you to upload a voice or video recording (which of course we also offer) or perhaps a phone connection (one-on-one only). We couldn't find any site doing direct contact by internet-based voice and video like we are....and we offer these services integrated so they are easy to access.

Our plan is to offer many many voice and video internet based services as available. We are not going to tie ourselves to just one method or venue for users to connect to each other. We believe people on the internet are becoming sophisticated enough to demand these sorts of new opportunities. Do expect to see changes as we bring on new services and partnerships.

Where did the name Club 555 come from? On we promote anonymity-a perfect example is our site name. The "555" in Club-555 is a unused prefix reserved by the phone companies, that's why so many Hollywood movies and TV shows use "555" in their actor's dialog as they don't want innocent people being called by fans because they repeated some poor unsuspecting person's real phone number in the movie. When you register on Club-555 you have the option to supply your telephone area code if you choose not to the area code defaults to 555. So keep that in mind when you're doing detailed searches as some members may have elected not to put in their actual area code.

In closing, the two big differences between us and the other 'big boys' is our commitment to using real-time internet-based voice and video tools to meet up and our 'telephone area code' based approach. We believe that we will be successful by trusting that people are ready to use these new internet based technologies to communicate directly with each other and in group settings.

Thank you for checking out

The Development Team

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