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Using Body Language


Nothing Subtle About the Hair Flip

Why Is Body Language Important?

Less than 15% of the message we communicate is due to what we actually say. Over half of what we say is done through our body language. When flirting we use even more body language. So if you don't know how to read body language, you're missing out on what's really going on. If you want to be in the game, learn to use body language. Girls naturally understand body language and use it all of the time. Unfortunately most guys don't seem to understand body language very well. The guys who do understand body language get all girls they want, while the others still don't get it.

  • Basic Body Language - Pointing

  • When a woman is interested in you she will begin to face or point in your direction. This may be done with her foot, leg or whole body. While standing, she will face her body in your direction and probably point her foot toward you. So if her foot is pointed to the guy standing next to you, you're out of luck! The shoulder point is also important and is used together with the upper body point. If she looks at you over her shoulder that's pointed in your direction, don't hesitate, just make your move immediately. Leaning toward you is also an excellent sign.
  • Body Language When Sitting

  • When sitting the body, feet or knees can be used. Women often sit with one foot tucked up under the bum and then point with that knee. A knee point is an excellent sign as this exposes her thigh to you and she would only do this if very interested. Women also point using the leg cross. They sit with one leg crossed over the other, just like their mothers taught them, but then point their knees toward you saying "Don't worry what Mother said, I'm keen on you." This is great body language for any guy.
  • Body Language - Basic Female Signals of Interest

  • The following are all signals that tell you she is interested:
  • Thrusting her foot in and out of her shoe

  • Exposing her wrists, palms and insides of arms in your direction.

  • Fondling an object or preening her hair or clothing. This must be in reaction to something you did or said (like a compliment or a special look.

  • Smiling at you while you aren't actually talking to her, especially with her teeth exposed.

  • While you are talking, she will laugh or giggle at things you say.

  • Tossing back her head or hair and then looking or smiling at you.

  • Standing with her legs slightly wider apart than normal.

  • When a woman is aroused by you, she could do all or any of the following: push out her chest; toss back her head and hair; flaring of nostrils; flushed cheeks; dilated pupils.

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