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The Importance of Self Confidence


Ever Wonder Why the Bald Guy Gets the Girl?

Women are naturally attracted to men who display self confidence. Why? Because confident men are successful, good providers and therefore will make the best mates to preserve our species. This is also why women are attracted to power and money. You may not have power and money, but you can develop confidence. Approach Her With Confidence When you approach a girl that you don't know, you need to do it with confidence. You need to believe deep down that you are a worthwhile guy. Believe that she will want to talk to you and believe that she will want to go out on a date with you. Confidence is one of the key initial factors used by women to rate a guy during a first meeting. You need to have confidence when you ask her out or when you kiss her for the first time. If you don't do it with confidence, you will appear to be a bit strange and she will not feel comfortable in your company. Self Confidence Through Practice When you first learnt to drive a car, did you drive straight onto the highway and dodge your way through the rush hour traffic into the city? No, you probably started on a lonely back road where there were no other cars at all and built up your skill and confidence over time. Well do the same with women. Walk up to a woman that you would never want to date and just chat to her. It could even be an old granny in the supermarket. It doesn't matter. Do this every day. Every time you talk to a woman, make sure she is slightly more desirable. Just talk about anything. Slowly you will build your confidence and you will be talking to some real lookers. Now, drop back a few levels and ask a less attractive girl (but not a dog) out. Your first time could even be with a female friend. It's all about building your confidence slowly. Don't try running until you can walk.

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