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How to get talking


A Few Useful Tips To Get The Conversation Going

  • Tip #1 - Don't talk about yourself until prompted to by her. Guys who talk about themselves too much often come across as being boring and conceited.

  • Tip #2 - Introduce yourself properly to her early on. You make a good first impression and avoid the embarrassment of having to ask her later, or having to introduce her to someone else not knowing her name.

  • Tip #3 - Use her name often. People respond well to the sound of their own name. It also shows that you are listening to her and that you value her company and opinion.

  • Tip #4 - Ask open-ended questions. "What is your name?" or "What is the time?" are questions that require a specific and generally short answer. An open-ended question is one that does not require a specific answer, and prompts her to continue or to tell you more. "In what way..." or "Why do you say..." and "When you said... did you mean..." are examples. Open ended questions often use words like why or how, and not who, where or when.

  • Tip #5 - Focus your attention on her and listen carefully, showing your interest. She will constantly reveal bits of important personal information. This will provide you with further topics for open-ended questions allowing you to keep the conversation going and show your interest. Good listeners are always regarded by others as great company, no matter how little they actually say!

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