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What Makes Club 555 Stand Out?

Every online dating site out there claims to have the best to offer.  Club 555 has a long list of features to offer singles, swingers, gay, and lesbian dating.   We have the same basic functions that most of the other sites have including pictures, profiles, voice and video clips.  In addition to the offerings the other sites have we have an exclusive voice chat system that allows group open conversation as well as one-to-one private conversations.  We also offer video chat in a one-to-one format, but this video chat system is so clean and easy to use.  There is no software to install it's just a click to connect and start video chatting.

What About Safety and Privacy?

Club 555 designed their system to allow only on-site contact unless the members elect to allow more than that.  Each profile has security built into every aspect of contact.  Our "favorites" list allows a member to give permission to who they want to view their private pictures, listen to their introductory audio clip, view their introductory video clip, or contact them by their favorite  instant messenger program.  In addition, there are controls within the members panel to completely "block" all site based messages from profiles they don't want contact from.  Club 555 is a fun and safe place for women to post their personals.  All the control is available to them within their personal profile control settings.  The site is women friendly.

What About The Voice Chat?

Club 555 has an unbelievable voice chat model.  It was built on the principle that a lot of people are intimidated by talking to strangers for the first time.  The idea was to provide an open voice chat system where everyone can talk at the same time just like you would at a party or at the kitchen table.  The voice chat system is a true open microphone without the "push-to-talk" that other systems offer.  You simply login and start talking.  It is recommended that you use a headset with a built in boom microphone for the best performance. 

Are Users Ready for Voice Chats?

Club 555 maintains that internet users, especially online dating users and gamers, are growing very sophisticated in their use of online tools.  "We don't want to tie ourselves to one type of on-site contact that's why we believe in our business model...offer several voice and video tools for our members and let them choose which they want to use"-Steve G. of Club 555 Networks, Inc. 

How About the Video Chat?

Club 555 offers a video chat system with the same privacy considerations of their other features.  There are other sites who offer video, however, some are plagued with firewall and NAT issues.  Club 555's video system is Flash based so there is nothing to install, you just click to connect and it even works with dial-up.

By Lynn Gerino - resource articles for topics in family, lifestyle, religion, relationships and more.
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