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Great First Date Ideas


Making the Date is the hard part

First Date ideas that may help...

So you were successful in getting her to say, "yes" but now the challenge becomes finding a fun activity for your first date. You don't want her to be bored so we have put together some suggestions of things you may consider for your first dating adventure together.

Amusement Parks
A trip to an amusement park is always a good choice. The sights and sounds are exciting and the pace is fast. If she is intimidated by the really big rides don't leave her behind while you ride the rollercoaster. You might want to show a little compassion for her fear of the big rides and confine your excursions to the log ride, haunted house or fun house. If your date is going well you may finish up the evening with a park show or fireworks and later a walk through a quieter more subdued part of the park…a nice place to talk.

A trip through the hillsides and forests, or a walk along the beach is a great relaxing way to spend some quality time one on one. Pack a nice picnic and find a comfortable, private location along the trail for a light lunch. The most important thing is to talk and get to know one another.

Anyone for the zoo?
The nice thing about a date to the zoo is that there are a lot of nice, quiet places in the gardens to stop and visit with your date. Some zoos have picnic areas available. Take advantage of those areas. Pack a nice snack and plan to sit a while and get to know each other.

There are numerous places and activities that are perfect for a first date. It is just important that you choose a comfortable setting for your first outing. Listen to your date. Pay attention to her. Don't let your eyes wander, stay focused on her. Be on your best behavior and don't complain about the weather, traffic, or crowds. Make her feel that in spite of the weather, traffic and crowds you are having the best time with her. If you are able to get through a typical 3 hour date without losing your cool you may just have a chance at a second date.

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