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Top First Date Tips


Good Advice for that First Date

Top Dating Tip - Never Ask A Negative Question Never ask a woman a question that could be answered "No", unless that is the answer you want. So don't ask her "Could I have your number?" Ask her "What is the best number to contact you on?"

Top Dating Tip - Always Use Her Name When talking to her, use her name constantly. Women love to hear their own names and it shows that you value and appreciate her. Also, if you meet anyone that you know, introduce her immediately and confidently. It is very important to show her that she is important to you. Top Dating Tip - Choose The Right Venue Don't take her to a movie, a show or a club on a first date. You want to be able to talk to her and have loads of fun at the same time. Choose an activity that she enjoys and make it fun. Consider choosing something totally outrageous that she has never done before. Leave time afterwards to have something to eat so that you can talk about all the fun that you had. Don't try and impress her by taking her out to an expensive restaurant on your first date. This causes tension when you want her to relax and simply enjoy your company.

 Top Dating Tip - First Mover Advantage Making the first move is always difficult, especially the first kiss. Get her in the right frame of mind right from the beginning. When you fetch her to go on your first date or meet her there, walk straight up to her, take both her hands in yours say "Hi, you're looking beautiful (use her name)" and then kiss her on both cheeks and smile while looking her in the eyes. This move gives you several points of advantage. Firstly, it shows that you are confident and in control - they love that in a man. You are a man of action and will get what you want. Secondly, by holding her hands, looking into her eyes and kissing her, you have signaled your intentions. You are here as a potential lover, not as a friend to talk about her problems. Thirdly, you have removed a lot of the tension from stage 5 of the seduction process. She will probably happily hold hands, hug and respond positively to your real first kiss at a later stage. Remember to always stay confident and in control.

Top Dating Tip - Its A Date, Not An Interview Remember it's a date and you're meant to be having fun, so don't give her the third degree. "Where do you work?" and "What do you do?" are reserved for job interviews. If you are smart and ask good open ended questions, she will tell you what you need to know anyway. Think up some fun things to talk about that will reveal an interesting part of your life or personality. Most importantly, make sure she is having fun and that you are not putting her under pressure.

Top Dating Tip - Don't Discuss Ex-lovers Or Past Relationships Don't discuss past relationships, even if you happen to know the person concerned. If she starts talking about her ex, tell her that it's history and talk about something else. If she does it again, put her in her place politely, but firmly.

Top Dating Tip - Don't Try To Have Sex On Your First Date Trying to have sex on your first date is a fatal mistake, unless she attacks you. This may sound like the craziest tip that you have ever heard, but guys have an amazing ability to hear or interpret what women say into what we want to hear. You could well be decoding everything she says to be what you want to hear and not what she is actually saying. You do presumably want to see her again? So be patient and you'll get what you want. Obviously, if she attacks you, don't resist.

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