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Intimacy Promotes Health


Improve your relationship, lower your stress, change your mood.

Single or married people all benefit

Love and intimacy are extremely important in relationships. Intimacy reinforces the bond between lovers and promotes undistracted communication both verbally and physically between partners. Spending time with your significant other on that level has all kinds of benefits.

Social research has produced some significant findings regarding the effects of sex on general health and well being. The documented research conducted over 5 years supports that people who engage in frequent sexual intimacy lower their stress level substantially. Those participants surveyed all had lowered stress and improved productivity in the workplace as well as lowered the amount of missed days at the office. Parallel studies in the area of healthy intimate relationships have indicated that love and intimacy lowers the chance of psychosomatic symptoms, less depression and a general improvement in a marriage or in a relationship.

Married couples are not the only group to benefit to the effects of frequent love making with their partner. Single people who also participated in the survey had similar results. Research on single and dating couples revealed that more frequent intimacy eased stress in the relationship and allowed for better communication. In many cases the improved communication that resulted removed the barriers that were impeding the further growth of each relationship. Those single and dating couples noted an improvement in their relationship. In still other instances, singles began to form more monogamous and stable relationships.

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