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Tips for Re-kindling Romance


Yearning for the romance filled dating days?

Have You Lost that Loving Feeling?

Remember when you first met, how just being near him gave you butterflies in your stomach and each time he dropped you off at home you couldn't wait until you could hear his voice again? You'd wait for 10 minutes, 15minutes, or maybe 20 then call him to make sure he got home safely. Then over the next couple of hours you would talk about nothing and everything. It didn't really matter what was said it was just comforting to hear each other's voice- the sound of his voice to carry you into the next day where you would make plans to see each other again.

Ahh…those were the days when love was new and he was so attentive. You could talk for hours and say nothing. It was just spending time that felt so good. The fact that he was a good listener and was so supportive told you that he was the one. So attentive and full of romance that you would steal minutes out of your day to call him. It felt like the world had come to an end the first time a trip took him away from you for more than an evening. You vow to each other that this is the way a relationship should be-full of romance, understanding and playfulness.

Does this sound too familiar? I had the very same feelings for my now husband and up until a few years ago we barely spoke. Things started off sincere enough with our commitment to each other. We vowed to keep romance alive in our relationship just like we all have and then what happened? He was always busy at the office and I was busy running the home. I would shuttle our two boys around after school to their respective team practices (one was into football the other taking guitar lessons). I would use my cell phone to contact with my husband to let him know how late we were going to be "I'm picking up burgers on the way home so don't be late or yours' will be cold". Our busy lifestyle kept us from spending any time together. I began having the doubts about whether or not I had made the right choice. Why had he stopped listening to me? Could we ever have a piece of that elusive romance that we had as young adults?

Rather than bury my head in the sand I made arrangements for the boys to spend the weekend with grandpa and grandma and set out to find the man that gave me butterflies. When my husband got home I sat him down and we talked about everything, and I explained that I wanted to feel that closeness again. Our weekend was so successful that we have regular weekends together, as many as I can arrange. We have this "code word" that we say to one another, "honey DO I". We are talking again about everything and saying nothing. I can't wait to hear his voice after he's gone to the office so I wait for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe 20 and I call just to make sure he's safe. I am happy that I have my husband back romance and all. And he still gives me butterflies.

By Lynn Gerino - resource articles for topics in family, lifestyle, religion, relationships and more.
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