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How To Seduce Any Woman


Kids Don't Try This at Home

We all want to date beautiful women, but ultimately we really want to seduce them and get them into bed. However, seduction is an art and consists of going through a number of steps. It is important that you progress from one stage of seduction to another. You can't just walk up to a woman that you don't know and ask her if she wants to go home with you.

The objective of seduction is to take her being a stranger to being really hot for you. To do this, a woman must be taken through all six stages of seduction.

The 6 Stages of Seduction

  • Stage 1 - break the ice

  • Stage 2 - establish rapport

  • Stage 3 - gain her trust

  • Stage 4 - signal your romantic intentions

  • Stage 5 - make physical contact

  • Stage 6 - get intimate

  • Seduction Stage 1 - Break The Ice
    You first need to break the ice by introducing yourself and talking to her. The best thing to do is to simply relax, introduce yourself, smile and get chatting. Don't try to be smart or too cool - just be yourself. Introduce yourself, smile and make a comment or ask a question.

    Seduction Stage 2 - Establish Rapport
    If you like a girl and she maybe also likes you, there is always a bit of nervous tension. Be confident and use body language and your conversational skills to get the relationship started. Your objective is to get her to relax and enjoy your company. Make sure that she wants to talk to you.

    Seduction Stage 3 - Gain Her Trust
    No girl wants to go out with a weirdo, so you have to gain her trust. Your objective is to find something in common so that she will know that you're OK and she can trust you. Best is to know a mutual friend or share a common interest. It may sound difficult, but being in the same place, at the same time has to mean that there is something you have in common. As soon as your credentials have been established you are OK.

    Seduction Stage 4 - Tell Her How You Feel
    Women classify guys that they like as potential lovers or as potential friends. Let her know you are a potential lover. Pay her compliments about her looks (as a beautiful woman) and hold her gaze for a few seconds longer than a friend would. She must know that you think she is sexy.

    Seduction Stage 5 - Physical Contact This is when you finally get to touch her. Don't lunge forward and stick your tongue down her throat! Hold her hand and pay her a compliment. Test her reaction and take it slowly, one step at a time. Lean forward, put your hand on her shoulder and softly whisper a compliment in her ear. Remember you are progressively moving into her personal space and testing her reaction to it.

    Seduction Stage 6 - Get Intimate You have to move confidently. You have tested her positive reactions to your contact, you have read her body language. But it's still not time to stick your tongue down her throat. A soft kiss on the neck moving closer to her ear will turn her on much more. Move slowly, and confidently, telling her that she smells and feels lovely and sexy... Get it? Don't rush her. Make her wait for it....

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