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A Few Ways to Show Them You Love Them


Express Your Love

Cute little love expressions to keep the love bug alive

Dating is exciting for both singles. You're busy meeting new people and exploring a lot of new firsts together. Your relationship begins as a list of firsts; first trip to an amusement park together, first kiss, first hiking trip, first road trip, first overnight vacation, and the list grows. At some point the newness will begin to wear off as it becomes more difficult to experience new things together. It may not be your fault at all as life with your new love becomes more ordinary. Jobs get in the way, kids require attention, and the mortgage must be paid. It can be rather sobering as the relationship changes. There are things that you both can do to keep the love growing. We have listed what we feel are ten good little expressions to show your love.

  • Women love flowers guys you don't have to wait for a holiday to buy her a small bunch of daisies.

  • Ladies put a love note in his pocket where he'll find it during the day.

  • Check your schedules with each other and if there are no conflicts surprise your love with a trip to his/her favorite restaurant during the week.

  • Men are visual creatures by nature so ladies keep this in mind when you plan a romantic evening together and change the venue to some place other than your bedroom as long as that doesn't upset the household. You might want to put something new and sexy on for him because those sweat shorts and pink tee shirt that you normally wear to bed are some how not that sexy.

  • Conversation, conversation, conversation. Guys listen up: you're not the only one that has had a bad day at the office. Work on spending at least thirty minutes catching up on the days' goings on and let her talk you listen.

  • Pick an evening or a rainy Saturday afternoon where you can spend two hours together watching a movie or just cuddling together.

  • Playfulness in an affectionate way is so sexy. A little soft kiss on the back of the neck or a light tap on the butt followed by "I love you" is a great touch.

If you forget any of the above ideas please remember these two:

1. Never go to bed angry with each other.
2. Always kiss and say, "I love you" before you leave for the day.

Life is so short and we never know what is in store for us or our loved ones that day. Always be prepared so that you won't have any regrets.

By Lynn Gerino - resource articles for topics in family, lifestyle, religion, relationships and more.
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