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Club 555 is safe, secure, and anonymous.

This site is designed to protect our member's identity and allow only "on-site" contact.  Listed right you will find some "common sense" guidelines that will help you maintain anonymity for the highest level of security.  Club555networks, Inc. provides this information as a guideline only and does not warranty it's effectiveness.

Unfortunately meeting on the internet is not without its potential safety risks and concerns.  It is not the intent of Club 555 to discourage but rather encourage online friendships in the most safe and secure setting possible.

Above all be safe and have fun!  Online friendships can be very fulfilling and long lived.  Please enjoy your time with Club 555. We wish to enjoy a long relationship with you and your needs.

  • Be cautious with your phone number and address- never give out your address or phone number. If they give you their phone number and ask you to call them remember they may have caller id.

  • Never give out your last name. If you’re listed the phone book, it's not difficult to be found.

  • Use caution when providing details-never mention your place of employment. They’ve seen your picture…they can spot you.

  • Never assume that because someone says they live clear across the country, they do. They could live right in your own neighborhood.

  • When discussing hobbies or routines it’s ok to mention, "I work out", for example, but don’t say where or when.  Keep your details unspecific.

  • Remember, you are talking to someone you don't know. Keep information generic.

  • If you decide you want to meet someone in person, suggest a meeting with a group of friends or meet at a public place...a coffee house.

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