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Club 555 - Is Marriage the "Greener" on the Other Side of the Fence?


Is it Greener Over the Fence?

Being divorced three times now leaves a bad taste in the mouth for the thought of marriage and that all allusive idea of romance and love. What about love? Do we ever really have it? Is there something that others are doing to find it? These questions haunt the mind of singles everywhere. Never fear singles - you might be doing better than you think!

We have all had friends, other couples, who despite their struggles with money, kids and time always seemed to be happy with each other. When we see this marriage bliss all around us everyday it forces us to take a good hard look at what we are doing-right and wrong. Why do all these people, who used to be singles just like us, seem so happy and content with each other and their marriages? Well don't look too deep beyond the superficial bliss that those couples are portraying.

The truth more often than not is that they struggle with the same distractions that singles deal with. From the singles perspective the grass looks greener in a lot of cases. On the other hand there is a lot of jealously on the part of the married. They see the carefree attitude of their single friends and secretly desire that same ability to be more spontaneous.

When you are faced with the desire to "settle down" take a moment to reflect on where you are. Really examine your ability as a member of the singles crowd to be spontaneous. After all the introspection you will probably come to realize that being single isn't the end of the world. You should take sometime to get to know the other person before you are rushed or pressured into a committed relationship that you may both grow to resent.

At Club 555 we offer you the ability to discover other singles in the most anonymous way possible. We provide access to online tools that will allow you to email, text chat, the ability to talk and see the other person before you say, "yes". Our online services remove the need for rushing into meeting someone you don't really know that well. Take your time and really get to know that person before you agree to meet in person.

By Lynn Gerino - resource articles for topics in family, lifestyle, religion, relationships and more.
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