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Personality matching is a good draw but does it work?


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"Get your free personality profile for free" touts the behemoth of online dating and matchmaking. It's nothing more than fancy marketing spin. There is absolutely no proof that personality matching guarantees marriage bliss. Instead of allowing users to freely browse the thousands of profiles and send flirty one line greetings to prospective matches one online service does all the leg work and delivers a filtered list of potential suitors. In contrast to speed dating or video dating the later approach seems to take all the fun out of online relationship building.

The personality profile matching approach was put to the test on a popular dating show where past contestants tried to find suitable females for their fellow bachelor. One of the matchmakers held a bikini beauty contest, another hosted a game where potential dates competed for a spot among the winners and still another tried the scientific personality profile matching approach.

As the dating show unfolded and potential single women were eliminated by the willing bachelor. It may have gone unnoticed to most but the single female delivered by the "heavy hitting" online dating services' personality profile matching system was almost the first candidate to be refused a rose. After all the free advertising and the heavy spin that was placed on the scientific matching the only thing that spun was the personality matching system with its tail feathers on fire.

There is no substitute for meeting someone and getting to know them on a level that face to face meetings and spending a lot of time learning about the other person provides. The primus that personality matching is more effective is absolutely untrue. If you are going to use an online dating site make sure you pick one that will allow you the ability to talk and possibly even see the other person before you say, "yes". Online video dating sites are few and far between but the internet dating scene dictates that level of sophistication. Some of the better services also offer speed dating events which provide a safe, fun and public way of meeting someone in person. Develop your online friendships and when you do decide to meet in person consider using a speed dating event to do so.

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